I wanted to fly outside the country for Cazel’s birthday. Luckily, I got this at a very cheap price, no it was not a piso fare but the price for two pax is 7,000 pesos roundtrip. Ready to go, we planned not to spend our entire time in Kuala Lumpur but rather travel to other cities: Penang & Melaka.

We arrived at KL Airport around midnight and good thing the buses traveling to the city operates 24 hours. It was 2 hours drive to our hotel, we were bit tired and sleepy until we reached central city but we have to ride taxi to reach our hotel. We planned to walk since I’ve read that our hotel was just walking distance but since it was past midnight, it is not  wise to walk in the dark for two girls. We tried to bargain with the driver because he’s charging us around RM 12 and but we hop in anyway. WARNING: Don’t take taxi as much as possible they will charge you double the price! We paid RM 12 and we checked uber it was only RM 3!!! Ha! Anyways, lesson learned and charge it to experience. We also had problem with our hotel, imagine we were so tired and upon arriving at our hotel  – it was not booked! I don’t know what happened but the receptionist said that they don’t have our reservation and no rooms available. Good thing there’s hotel across the street, we literally trying to be calm to avoid argument.

Our first day was in Melaka. We left our hotel early to have breakfast outside and off we go to the bus station for our Melaka trip! Of course, our trip was bit delayed due to….. KILAY IS LIFE. LOL!

Taking 2-3 hours bus ride, we arrived Melaka. We were full tourist mode since we will spend just one day around and will travel back to central KL. Multi-layered mixed history with: Dutch, Portuguese, British. We were welcome by a lot of tourist on a weekend coming from KL! Melaka is tiny and to sum up the place for me (at least): Foods and Trishaws.

Jonker street is full of people who lines up for good food. Everything is worth a try. We had Laksa for lunch and oh boy it was heavenly, doesn’t matter if I lined up for so long!

We stroll around the city since it’s so tiny everything is reachable! Cultural and historical, that’s Melaka in two words.

We visited:

St Paul’s Hill

Dutch Square

Jonker Street

Church of Saint Francis Xavier

Take note: their bus station is so clean, massive and looks like a airport terminal!

Ending our first day, we went straight to Jalon Alor in KL for our dinner. It was overwhelming, over flowing food stalls! We literally had hard time picking up a stall where to eat though. Since our tourist guide is Tripadvisor and blogs that Cazel read, she listed down the must-try foods! What a tiring and yummy day it was! Off to sleep, next is Penang!




What is up, North! Long overdue may be, but Norte will always be worth for long drive and adventure!!!

It was a boring day, I decided me and my S.O should go travel to North. I really want to see what’s Ilocos has to offer. Back in Dubai, I have friends who live near Ilocos and I always tell them how jealous I am simply because from my place it is 10 hours’ drive! Would you imagine that? Long butt drive it is!

For DIY, it will take a lot of travel time and required more days on the road. There are buses going straight to Norte. But if you’re going to travel to the 3 cities (Pagudpod, Vigan & Laoag) 3 days wouldn’t be enough, IMO.

For private cars, drivers should have a reliever because in my view it is really tiring long drive.

We contacted one of travel agency for our tour, you know joiners tour. You can search them in FB: Ricjoe Tour. It is less hassle for us since we don’t have car and the itinerary are pretty arranged already. We invited friends but only four of us pushed through. Myself, Cazel, Mesha and Erika. Off we go!

It was the longest car ride in my entire life! Longer than traveling via plane from MNL x DXB! But it’s ayt, for the sake of Norte adventure I did survive!

We visited Pagudpod, Vigan & Laoag. Try cities in 3 days!

Sums up:


Aside from the historical ‘ventures and learnings, I really did enjoyed their delicacies! Empanada, Bagnet, Longganisa = the bomb!

Til next time, norte!


To The Girl Who Was Haunted By Her Past

Most of us are running away from our past – trying our best to forget some selective memories that we no longer want to remember. But what if the past haunted you down? You’re having a good laugh with your friend or drinking your favorite coffee while suddenly the ghost from your pass appears? What are you going to do?

Ghosts from the past are the things that we did or something that happened that we wished we could change if we knew better.

The thing about the past — it passed. It supposed to be left all behind and start moving forward.

To you, the girl who’s been strong enough to face tomorrow – let be this a reminder that your mistakes is not who you are as a person. Don’t let your experiences bitter and hard-bitten your heart. Before burying the past you need to remember it, need to accept what it teaches you and how it can comfort you. Each day is a chance to make things better than the current.

To you, the girl who was once in the dark past and now is in the light – don’t lose hope. You are entitled to change. The bitter sweet thing about the past – it molds you. You are stronger than yesterday. Free yourself and don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned. You are getting better and better each day.

To you, the girl who’s walking away from the past – never forget that you are not alone in this journey. You fought so hard in this recovery. Don’t live your life in the shadow because you are brighter than that. Never stop growing. Let your hurt turns into healing. Your hatred manifest into love.

The next time your ghosts haunts you – don’t lookback. Better days are waiting for you with open arms.


Your #1 supporter,




TBILISI: The City That Loves YA

Oh well, the perks of working in Travel Agency, you get the first chance whenever particular airlines are promoting their newest route. Hey, there’s a new promo for [insert cheapest rate ever], let’s go!

Booked the ticket, prepared the visa, yallah habibti! But wait…. Where in the world is Tbilisi? Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia (not the US), it is undiscovered travel destination, well at least for me. From Dubai, you can take Airarabia or Flydubai, it is 4 hours short flight. For anyone who has a residence visa in United Arab of Emirates, you can go straight to Georgia because visa will be available upon arrival. For more information please visit

Tbilisi is a compact city but has a lot to offer. It is a combination of the whole thing, new, old, luxury and simple lifestyle. For those who had been to Istanbul or other busy cities in Europe or for someone who lives in Dubai perhaps, this city very different, it is calmer that the prior. You will fall in love easily, just so you know but please don’t get attached cus sadly, you have to say goodbye sooner or later.

Their hospitality and foods are the best combination for the amazing perfect view! We went there last May 2015, the weather varies on the 24° /15°. Amazing view, perfect breeze and the crispy evening air….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I love this city more that it loves me!

Sadly, we had limited time to explore the city. We only stayed for 2Days/2nights, enough to explore the city yes but I must say you should stay at least 4 days. Like what I’ve said, there are a lot more to explore: WINE! Food, historical places, oldest churches and save your breath for the breathtaking views.

To explore the city, you can go by walk and ride taxi; while to explore other breathtaking places, you can hire someone who can tour you for full day or whichever you prepare. For us, we hired Giorgi, a local who drives tourist for living. Here’s his number: +995593575255. Giorgi is a very good tour guide as he get to explain the history, the culture, how to eat their local food, where is the best wine store and everything else.

There are places that you always wanted to revisit and this one is on my list fer sher!!! Till we meet again, Georgia!

Calaguas : Paradise Island

The Paradise Island: Calaguas 2015
The Calaguas is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte, Bicol. Going to Bicol from Manila, you have two options: by land or by air.
There are buses in Cubao like Philtranco, DLTB, Superlines going to Daet for approx. 8 hours travel time. You can check in their website the fare or you can call them.
By air, you can check Cebu Pacific & Zest Air fights going to Naga, Bicol. Naga is the nearest airport and from there vans are available going to Daet for approx. 2 hours travel time.

If you are traveling by group (12 pax for example) it’ll be cheaper. We prepare Php 2,500 for our budget. One of my friend arranged our transportation, we hired 18 seater van to take us back and forth. Our meeting place was in Magallanes, Edsa and we left from there around 10:00 in the evening, we reached Daet morning the next day. Since the island is merely 2 hours away from the main land, you have to prepare everything before hopping into the boat.
The island has no electricity, no mobile signal, and no wet and dry market, only one small sari-sari store where everything are doubled-price.

We went to market and bought everything that we need. Food for 2 days, ice, water, snacks and everything else.
To reach the island, you have to bear the 2 hours boat ride with big waves. I vomited and wanted to give up already half way through but upon seeing the white sand and turquoise shade of the water…. man, it is a paradise! Long ride, dizziness, and everything else is worth it for Calaguas Island!
We have our own tents but there are available tents that can be rented. You can ask locals to cook meals for you and give them tip.


My experience so far? THE BEST. It is the yet the best island that I’ve been to. No party, no wifi, no mobile, all you have is each other’s company! Definitely going back!




Caramoan Islands 2015!
It is located in Camarines Sur, Bicol.

Famous islands because it is the venue for the Survivor – the reality tv show.
It was our first time, I and Nikki to travel to Bicol by bus. I’ve read some blogs with information how to get there, where to eat and info about accom. Luckily, I found one tour guide who gave us a good deal for island hopping in Caramoan!
Ramil – +639074351962
It was almost 12 hours trip by bus from Cubao to Bicol & half an hour tricycle trip before we reach our accommodation. We stayed at La Playa, tree houses accommodation.

We went to four islands- Lahos, Matukad, Cagbanilad and Minalajos. Went for rock climbing without gear or anything for safety but we manage to see the awesome view while on the top! Coolness!
Cheers to our first adventure, Lala! It was unforgettable and you know why!



Singapura 2015!

I decided to visit Singapore for two reasons: Panda & their epic foods!
My vacation in Philippines was set and I booked my ticket with 36 hours stopover in Singapore. I arrived in Changi Airport around 7:00 in the morning. Their airport offer a lot of facilities and services. Check out

Straight to the China town and had some awesome meal. Later around afternoon, I met my cousin and we went to check out the Pandas!!!!
I was awake for 24 hours and I’m so tired but it was worth it! Thanks, SG! Til next time!



Jebel Hafeet

Up to the mountain Jebel Hafeet : January 2015.

Jabal Ḥafeeṫ is a mountain located primarily in the environs of Al Ain, which is part of Abu Dhabi UAE. It is the emirate’s highest peak, and UAE’s second.
From Dubai to Al Ain you can go check in Google Maps which road :D. Approx travel time : around 2 hours til you reach the mountain top. At the top of the mountain, there’s nothing much to see imo. There are limited options of food. Amazing city lights with awesome crew, it was ayt!


This is my first ever spontaneous trip.

I always wanted to travel the world but I don’t know how and where to start my adventures. Last December 2014, I got a very cheap offer for 2 days in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve never been outside UAE and I don’t know much about Istanbul but I’m want to give it a shot! Visa approved. Tickets and hotel booking done. Ready to go!
2days in Istanbul is fairly enough to explore the city. All spots are manageable by walking so book your hotel near tram stations if you only had limited time but I’d say you should stay at least 5 days!
Things done & Places visited: Blue Mosque, Grand Bazar, Galata Tower, Istikal St., Taksim Square, Bosphorus cruise is a must! You will see the Europe & Asia side! Tea & Ice cream are the bomb 🙂
As a first-timer, all I wanna do is take a selfie everywhere and block all the spots because you want to show your face in every corner!
Well, 2 days is very short yet memorable trip! Will fly again soon to da citeeeeey!