I wanted to fly outside the country for Cazel’s birthday. Luckily, I got this at a very cheap price, no it was not a piso fare but the price for two pax is 7,000 pesos roundtrip. Ready to go, we planned not to spend our entire time in Kuala Lumpur but rather travel to other cities: Penang & Melaka.

We arrived at KL Airport around midnight and good thing the buses traveling to the city operates 24 hours. It was 2 hours drive to our hotel, we were bit tired and sleepy until we reached central city but we have to ride taxi to reach our hotel. We planned to walk since I’ve read that our hotel was just walking distance but since it was past midnight, it is not  wise to walk in the dark for two girls. We tried to bargain with the driver because he’s charging us around RM 12 and but we hop in anyway. WARNING: Don’t take taxi as much as possible they will charge you double the price! We paid RM 12 and we checked uber it was only RM 3!!! Ha! Anyways, lesson learned and charge it to experience. We also had problem with our hotel, imagine we were so tired and upon arriving at our hotel  – it was not booked! I don’t know what happened but the receptionist said that they don’t have our reservation and no rooms available. Good thing there’s hotel across the street, we literally trying to be calm to avoid argument.

Our first day was in Melaka. We left our hotel early to have breakfast outside and off we go to the bus station for our Melaka trip! Of course, our trip was bit delayed due to….. KILAY IS LIFE. LOL!

Taking 2-3 hours bus ride, we arrived Melaka. We were full tourist mode since we will spend just one day around and will travel back to central KL. Multi-layered mixed history with: Dutch, Portuguese, British. We were welcome by a lot of tourist on a weekend coming from KL! Melaka is tiny and to sum up the place for me (at least): Foods and Trishaws.

Jonker street is full of people who lines up for good food. Everything is worth a try. We had Laksa for lunch and oh boy it was heavenly, doesn’t matter if I lined up for so long!

We stroll around the city since it’s so tiny everything is reachable! Cultural and historical, that’s Melaka in two words.

We visited:

St Paul’s Hill

Dutch Square

Jonker Street

Church of Saint Francis Xavier

Take note: their bus station is so clean, massive and looks like a airport terminal!

Ending our first day, we went straight to Jalon Alor in KL for our dinner. It was overwhelming, over flowing food stalls! We literally had hard time picking up a stall where to eat though. Since our tourist guide is Tripadvisor and blogs that Cazel read, she listed down the must-try foods! What a tiring and yummy day it was! Off to sleep, next is Penang!



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