What is up, North! Long overdue may be, but Norte will always be worth for long drive and adventure!!!

It was a boring day, I decided me and my S.O should go travel to North. I really want to see what’s Ilocos has to offer. Back in Dubai, I have friends who live near Ilocos and I always tell them how jealous I am simply because from my place it is 10 hours’ drive! Would you imagine that? Long butt drive it is!

For DIY, it will take a lot of travel time and required more days on the road. There are buses going straight to Norte. But if you’re going to travel to the 3 cities (Pagudpod, Vigan & Laoag) 3 days wouldn’t be enough, IMO.

For private cars, drivers should have a reliever because in my view it is really tiring long drive.

We contacted one of travel agency for our tour, you know joiners tour. You can search them in FB: Ricjoe Tour. It is less hassle for us since we don’t have car and the itinerary are pretty arranged already. We invited friends but only four of us pushed through. Myself, Cazel, Mesha and Erika. Off we go!

It was the longest car ride in my entire life! Longer than traveling via plane from MNL x DXB! But it’s ayt, for the sake of Norte adventure I did survive!

We visited Pagudpod, Vigan & Laoag. Try cities in 3 days!

Sums up:


Aside from the historical ‘ventures and learnings, I really did enjoyed their delicacies! Empanada, Bagnet, Longganisa = the bomb!

Til next time, norte!



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